Kaas.nl is an authority on cheese, inspiring consumers to discover the rich world of cheese. We created a style-guide to help content creators and art directors develop content and setup campaigns for Kaas.nl's social and web channels. The making of this style-guide was commissioned by The Netherlands' number one social media agency: Blossom.

Develop social content guidelines to make Kaas.nl the go to online platform for everybody who loves cheese.

Together with Blossom we created a balanced online platform for everybody who loves cheese. The goal was simple: introduce consumers to the rich world of cheese in a fun, informative and inspiring way. To accomplish this goal we created four levels of content: inspiration, education, information and activation. We translated these levels of content into useful tips, tempting recipes, inspiring interactive campaigns and engaging brand activations. To ensure Kaas.nl is serving delicious looking content, we developed an easy to implement visual style, tone of voice and an extensive range of social media templates. And finally topped it off with an engaging style-guide to inspire content creators and art directors while creating future posts, campaigns and content. Say cheese :)

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