Geardropper is an ambitious startup that supplies "pick up & go" camping gear at unique spots in Europe. An innovative company on its way to change the world of backpacking for ever. We created a visual concept to help Geardropper conquer the world.

Help Geardropper conquer the world with a contemporary visual identity.

Backpacking has been the same for years. Choose a location, pack your gear, put it in a car, train, plane or hoist it around on your back. Geardropper’s mission is to disrupt this pattern by combining technology with smart logistics. Geardropper offers the unique opportunity to book camping gear in advance and pick it up at your destination, meeting consumer expectations in an on-demand economy. The idea is simple: Choose your location, select your gear, travel to your destination and pick up your gear on arrival. No more hassle, heavy bags and buying expensive equipment. Done camping? Just drop off the gear at a servicepoint and go! Freedom, love for the great outdoors and ease of use are Geardropper’s core values. PUHA created a visual style that connects to these values and speaks the language of the target audience. The Geardropper brand has been created with flexibility in mind, for use on- and offline. We created an inspiring brand book that will help Geardropper change the future of backpacking for ever.

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