We are a designstudio that helps brands stay relevant in an ever changing world.

We are PUHA. We design brands, products and services that inspire, inform and interact. Creating emotional connections between brands and consumers. We design for new and traditional media. Both digital and physical. By doing so we help brands stay relevant in an constantly changing world.


Todays world demands design solutions that seamlessly integrate the on- and offline brand experience.

Complex problems demand simple solutions

We develop simple solutions for complex problems. We create experiences and design products & services with the desires, demands and expectations of the user in mind. This way we make the world a little less complex and a lot more beautiful. We challenge ourselves to make sure that your brand is constantly on-topic, “when-ever…where-ever”.

Multidisciplinary studio in a digital world

The majority of our projects have a digital focus but we are not restrained by one medium. We see ourselves as visionaries, problem solvers, stylists, designers, concept developers, hackers and technologists. Besides award winning digital projects we have a proven trackrecord in branding, packaging and service design.

We design brands, create experience and develop products and services that are ready for the world of today and tomorrow.

Visual Identity

Concept, Strategy, Branding, Packaging, Campaigns, Animation, Illustration

A new logo is not a strategy! A unique visual identity is crucial to become and stay visible as a brand. We help companies and organisations to develop a distinct vision. Based on this vision we create a communication concept, a unique visual language, a tone of voice and visual elements that are applicable on all touch-points.

Digital Design

Websites, Mobile, Apps, Service Design, Experience, Content, Innovation

We create digital solutions that inform, inspire and create relevant connections between brands and consumers. Transforming customers into followers and followers into customers. The boundaries between the digital and physical world are fading away. Resulting in an economy where customers can use your services when-ever they want, where-ever they want. This new world demands design solutions that meet the context of how and when your products and services are used.


In house development of creative digital products and front & back-end solutions

Contrary to most agency's we develop everything in house. From strategy and concept to a working product. As a client, you can quickly take on the role of end-user. This ensures a transparent and to the point process. Together we can develop, adapt and evolve until we have a solution that seamlessly integrates with user desires, demands and expectations..

With solutions that inform, inspire and interact we turn customers into followers and followers into customers.

At Puha we value creativity and research. Developing a strong concept takes time. We like to take our time. As a studio we invest time and resources into exploring new technologies. We believe that brands can outsmart the competition by employing these technologies strategically. We are f#cking ambitious and like to partner with brands who take things further and walk that extra mile. If there is one sentence which describes the culture of Puha best is that we try to make every project transcend our own expectation.

“Thompson, Younes and Max started PUHA because they spotted an opportunity in the creative industry. Design agency's were either boutique and high-end or huge and impersonal. And most agency's are often 'digital only' or 'print only'. PUHA was founded with the aim to fill this gap. We want to blur the boundaries between new and traditional media and the digital and the physical world. Delivering the quality of boutique bespoke design to progressive brands and organisations with a large audience.”

*Max & Thompson won multiple awards for their work at big studiosand global brands. Check out their individual websites to see examples of work they are most proud of.


Thompson Dubé

Founder, CD/AD

Max Kortsmit

Founder, CD/AD

Younes Riad

Partner, TD

Clients we worked for

Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Pro Rail
ABN Amro

Special thanks

Silvana Scarlatella

Studio Scarlatella

David Hummelen

David en Djeli

Richard Overboom

Random Studio

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